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Random Awesome #8 - Links Edition
my spoon is too big
No covers or videos this time, just five random awesome links for your entertainment pleasure. 

1. Totally Looks Like Historical Collection

I cannot believe some of these!  Creepy, yet hilarious.

2. PassiveAggressiveNotes.com

This site posts "funny (if not necessarily 'passive-aggressive') notes from pissed-off people."

Spock is not impressed by the BEEEEEEEEEEES

It's not easy to impress Spock.

'Carmen Miranda's Fruity Colon Cap' Dog II (*note single tear)

So cute.  So sad.  So entertaining.

5. AwesomePeopleReading.tumblr.com

Clark Gable reads.

Check it out!  Tons of awesome people read!

That's it for now.  Next time I promise to throw some random awesome covers and videos in there too.


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