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Random Awesome #9
my spoon is too big
Random awesome link: http://bookshelfporn.com/

I love Bookshelf Porn!  It's a bibliophile's wet dream!  Check it out.  (It's totally safe for work lol.)

Random awesome covers:

It's book five of The Bloodhound Files by DD Barant!  Back from the Undead is expected to come out March 27, 2012, and I love how the cover goes along with book four's cover.  Book four, Better Off Undead, was released today, and I can't wait to read it!  I love this series!  It's creative, hilarious, and action-packed, with awesome characters.  I highly recommend these books for fans of urban fantasy.

Also, check out these awesome covers designed by Matt Roeser:

Aren't they cool?!  Go to mattroeser.com to see even more awesome book covers.

Random awesome video:

I loved the book One for the Money so much that I really hope they don't screw it up with a bad movie adaptation.  But this trailer gives me hope that it might actually be funny.  I don't know; I'll just have to see when it comes out.


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